At BackOffice Thinking we develop deep partnerships with our clients and offer an extensive suite of services.


From a technology perspective we:

  • Work with our clients to develop an appropriate technology strategy
  • Lead implementation and integration projects
  • Provide support for a  variety of applications

From a functional perspective we work with our clients to:

  • Grow donors, members, volunteer and engagement
  • Implement better communications including creating a more effective communications strategy with detail plans on how to follow through and measure.
  • Coordinate your teams, track hours, manage grants, segment constituents, etc.
  • Help finance and reduce data entry
  • Create advanced reporting and business intelligence for finance, development, programs, membership etc.
  • Improve your ecommerce offerings to increase your reach and raise money.
  • Improve coordination your program staff and volunteers
  • Change communication process to “update once and broadcast”; don’t make users come to you

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We partner with our clients to understand their mission and together, we formulate a strategy that uses cloud technology to help them achieve their goals more efficiently.

CRMCRM, Constituent Relationship Management

We help you manage and move your constituents up the engagement ladder.

CMSCMS, Content Management Services

We design not only beautiful websites but also sites that are user-intuitive and easily maintained by administrators.


We have extensive experience in creating Magento and Ubercart solutions that integrate well with your CRM.

Social MediaSocial Media

We developed the Three Pillars of Good Social Media strategy, which we integrate with the rest of the organization’s communications strategy.