Examples of our work

We have been working with West Ohio Conference of the United Methodist Church (WOC) for several years on a variety of projects involving their church database management system, their website, event registrations, mass email functionality, and more.  

Examples of some of the areas we've worked on:

  • Develop a fully integrated church and clergy management system using CiviCRM, Jasper, and Drupal for their 1,000+ church and clergy organization.
  • New website for WOC and their camps; architected in all their district sites, foundations, and other related entities could housed with the same instance.
  • Church data entry system; an on line system for churches to enter their weekly attendance, baptisms, etc, and view graphs and charts measuring their progress and goals.


A Future with Hope, came to us looking for a volunteer registration and management system to enable their Sandy relief efforts.  They were trying to use a recommended commercial system, but that system was not able to provide the services they needed.

We recommended a CiviCRM/Drupal solution to enable the multi-step volunteer process they needed.  We worked with their team to develop the business processes and them implemented the solution within a very tight time frame on and a limited budget.

Today, A Future with Hope, is using the system to:

  • Take volunteer inquiries
  • Take initial volunteer group registration, take down payments for accommodations, and accept volunteer dates
  • Take final group registration, take final payment, and take detailed individual volunteer information
  • Send individual and mass emails
  • Volunteer data management
  • Volunteer reporting  

Alliance engaged with us to update their CRM, eCommerce systems, and many of their websites.   The process of migrating their CRM data was particularly challenging because of how the data was captured in their older system; we basically had to re-engineer their older system during the conversion.

Alliance now utilizes CiviCRM, Jasper reporting, Drupal, and Ubercart and continue to bring in additional web properties under this technology umbrella. 

Alliance has strong technical resources so they can do most of the current technical work.  They partner and utilize BackOffice Thinking for advanced training and other high level technology services.

Some examples of our work include:

  • Implementing CiviCRM, Drupal, Jasper, and Ubercart.
  • Creating advanced thank-you letter functionality utilizing CiviCRM hooks.
  • Creating daily emails (including podcasts) through Drupal/CiviCRM integration.
  • Training the Alliance team to write reports and fully administer CiviCRM.
  • Creating multiple Drupal websites utilizing the same underlying structure.

DVGBC partnered with us to provide support to their CiviCRM/Drupal implementation.  At the time they were well behind  on updates with significant data and had performance issues.  DVGBC chose us because of our relevant business and technology experience and our ability to forward think.

After several years as their technology partner we have formed a great working relationship.  

  • We have regular support meetings and together manage a tight support budget while continually improving their technology and training their staff so that they can better serve their constituents.
  • We have upgraded Drupal and CiviCRM
  • We also performed a significant website redesign which included significant changes to the information architecture and improvements to their social media, membership directories, and event search/ registration.

We have a long history with UMCOM.  We were first introduced to UMCOM through our work at other United Methodist Organizations and asked to be on their inaugural National Web Ministry Advisory Board.  As members of the board, we helped shape how UMCOM would interact and provide training on Web Minsitry to the churches throughout the world.  

Through that involvement, Paul Keogan became the lead national web ministry trainer and for 3 years provided web ministry training to hundreds of churches across the US.

Later, UMCOM engaged us to help with other technology iniatives including the Imagine No Malaria project (INM).  UMCOM needed a high end donor and constituent management system that would allow them to mange this large and important global initiative.  Its current large commercial system could not do what UMCOM needed.   

We worked with the UMCOM team to choose CiviCRM and then implemented CiviCRM/Drupal and several advanced customizations and integrations.  Since going live, the CiviCRM has captured $10MM of donations.  In 2012, the effort was expanded to include registrations for "Bug" or "Skeeter" runs.