Examples of our work

We have a long history with UMCOM.  We were first introduced to UMCOM through our work at other United Methodist Organizations and asked to be on their inaugural National Web Ministry Advisory Board.  As members of the board, we helped shape how UMCOM would interact and provide training on Web Minsitry to the churches throughout the world.  

Through that involvement, Paul Keogan became the lead national web ministry trainer and for 3 years provided web ministry training to hundreds of churches across the US.

Later, UMCOM engaged us to help with other technology iniatives including the Imagine No Malaria project (INM).  UMCOM needed a high end donor and constituent management system that would allow them to mange this large and important global initiative.  Its current large commercial system could not do what UMCOM needed.   

We worked with the UMCOM team to choose CiviCRM and then implemented CiviCRM/Drupal and several advanced customizations and integrations.  Since going live, the CiviCRM has captured $10MM of donations.  In 2012, the effort was expanded to include registrations for "Bug" or "Skeeter" runs.  

The Sustainable Furnishings Council (SFC) engaged with us because they were having significant issues with their CiviCRM and Drupal site.   They were looking for a partner with experience in CiviCRM and Drupal who also were creative and could work within their budget.    This seemed like a perfect match, especially because of our experience in environment and conservation space.

Quickly we were able to solve SFCs most pressing issues and then, with with executive director, developed a plan to significantly improve their technology offerings to better engage their members and promote their cause.  

We've been working through this plan at a steady and controlled pace to deliver the highest value within their budget.  Our partnership grows stronger each month!

Our work includes:

  • Finding Eco friendly companies using Drupal views and CiviCRM views integration.
  • Creating a rotating logo display using views slideshow, blocks, CiviCRM views integration with some custom PHP
  • Improving the bulk mail delivery

DVGBC partnered with us to provide support to their CiviCRM/Drupal implementation.  At the time they were well behind  on updates with significant data and had performance issues.  DVGBC chose us because of our relevant business and technology experience and our ability to forward think.

After several years as their technology partner we have formed a great working relationship.  

  • We have regular support meetings and together manage a tight support budget while continually improving their technology and training their staff so that they can better serve their constituents.
  • We have upgraded Drupal and CiviCRM
  • We also performed a significant website redesign which included significant changes to the information architecture and improvements to their social media, membership directories, and event search/ registration.


If you are interested in implementing or finding out more about the LOCATE  land tracker application for Salesforce please use our contact us form

CCLT engaged with us to help them select an affordable up to date platform that it could make available to all Land Trusts so they could track most all operations in a single piece of software.  We worked through a rigorous software selection process and in the end chose the Salesforce platform.

Subsequently, we then partnered with CCLT to develop a custom salesforce land tracking application (LOCATE).  We implemented Saleforce, the non-profit starter pack, and LOCATE with 6 of their member organizations, and helped CCLT commercialize LOCATE through the Salesforce App exchange.

We are now providing support to CCLT and their member organizations as well as partnering with CCLT to implement LOCATE to land trusts throughout the United States.

For more detail on LOCATE please see our  showcase.

We began work with ecoAmerica through our partnership with APGA to build the YOUtopia website.  We worked with EcoAmerica on the information architecture using a responsive Drupal 7 theme, with their designer Larry Gieger and then built the site.  

Two interesting features of the site are:  Find a Garden and the Commitment Feature